5 Year Development Plan

The main focus of the Wareham Rangers Football Club in the months and years ahead is to develop and strengthen the clubs professional identity and standing within the Town and continue to build on the strong relationships within the community enabling us to provide football for a wider range of people living in and around the town of Wareham.

To achieve this, the club needs ensure it has a clear vision and strategy which includes specific key aims and objectives and deliverable outcomes.  This includes a plan to realise our longstanding vision of having centralised, dedicated training and playing facilities, which can be used all year round as well as being the central hub/identity of Wareham Rangers.

 There are a number of benefits associated with this largely:

  • This would alleviate a number of pressures and logistical issues with securing adequate playing grounds.
  • Provides a focal/centralised identity for the club
  • Provides a seamless transition from youth to senior section football
  • Economies of scale between the youth and senior section football teams in respect of shared facilities/resources
  • Potential to attract more funding through grant applications
  • Provides secure facilities to store and maintain equipment
  • Provides appropriate facilities to provide coaching/training programmes at all levels at any times (not limited to football season and not limited to football) as well as developing an academy style coaching approach
  • Provides appropriate facilities to encourage females to participate in sport
  • Provides an opportunity to display and promote team successes
  • Provides an opportunity to display and promote the FA’s Respect/Fair Play Agenda 

The club draws the vast majority of its members from the local community, and a local point for club members where training, matches, meetings and presentations can be held would significantly contribute to the longevity of the club, its membership, secure it’s identify and local standing within the town.  This will also enable us to run more sporting initiatives and regular/scheduled events that will develop children’s sport/activities and bring recognition to the town. It will also provide a mechanism to show case the clubs sporting achievements.  

The Clubs vision and strategy centre on the following main objectives:


1.     Investigate schemes whereby a dedicated training and playing facilities ideally with the possibility of developing a club house should the opportunity arise. The facilities would meet the needs of the club for meetings, presentations, coaching of managers/officials & social gatherings/fund raising.


2.     Strengthen its links with all schools in the area, so as to encourage more girls to join the club and take part in football activities.


3.     Development and improvement of existing training facilities, particularly with regard to all weather/floodlit facilities.


4.     Creation of a “celebration programme” and “celebration football tournaments” in order to promote the club more within the local and regional communities


5.     Strengthen the links with Wareham Seniors developing role models and structure for youth members to progress to a higher level of football.


6.     Promote the clubs identity and social standing within the community, utilising Social Media avenues and effective communication strategy


7.     Develop a clear implementation fundraising plan to secure the financial long term standing of the club


WRYFC is volunteer led and relies on the commitment and support of its members and local community. 


The key aims are:


1.     To ensure mini and youth football is played in Wareham at the best possible facilities.


2.     To ensure that the best training can be offered in such a manner that the children who take part, at whatever age, enjoy their football and continue with the game after they leave the club.


3.     To ensure the club can sustain the Charter Standard status.  This will reinforce commitment by all involved, so that in the long term children who live in and around Wareham can learn to play and enjoy football with their local community






Is objective/tactic still relevant? 



To consider and agree the appropriate club structure and status

1)     To explore structure options and associated costs

2)     To explore Community Amateur Sports Club Status v’s Charity status and associated workload


Club Structure and Status workshop attended on 7th September 2015.  Presented by Club Matters. 


Options appraisal paper developed for committee September 2015.


Recommend club to become an Incorporated CASC




Ensure teams available across the full age range and include girls playing football

1.     Identify coaches and managers to run Under 7’s, 9’s & 14 teams.

2.     Identify teams with capacity to take new players

3.     Publicise and contact schools in the local area to inform and encourage girls to the club





Secure long term playing facilities

1.     Investigate possible options with local authorities, schools and town council on various options available.


In development.  Contingency plan of options developed outlining options for consideration for next 5-10 years.





 Training Facilities

1.     Improve and centralise the clubs training facilities.

2.     Investigate and pursue options for all weather/floodlit training areas.


Links to action 3.



In order to progress need to establish Club Structure and Status (1).


By 2018



1.     Create a special Wareham FC programme to celebrate over 100 years of football in the town.

2.     Produce articles on the club history and their plans for the future.

3.     Develop publicity/communication strategy on promotion and public facing image of the club


Links to social media and publicity/professional image of the club.  Discussed at committee meeting Aug 15.






Improve Links with adult football clubs

1.     Set up a meeting with Wareham seniors to share and agree development plan.


To progress once development plan and club structure/status agreed.



Maintain standard charter of club

1.     Create club register for all managers/coaches competencies.


2.     Publicise criteria for standard to all club members.


3.     Ensure all appropriate policies are in place such as Child Protection/Safeguarding etc.





Develop the learning and playing skills of football for children who have disabilities

1.     Set up meeting with county development officer (Liz Pill) to seek guidance and direction.

2.     Liaise with schools in the area to ensure that the club offers this facility.



By 2020


Development of young coaches and referees (ages 14 to 16)

1.     Arrange course with Dorset FA Development.

2.     Invite trained coaches to training sessions so as to train the coaches.

3.     Liaise with local school to provide 6th Form students opportunity to complete referees course






Contact made with the Purbeck School and 6 students expressed an interest








1.     To scope out requirements, costs and planning needed to be in a position to take forward should the opportunity arise.

2.     Secure long term grounds.

3.     Fund raise


Dependent upon actions 1, 3 & 4.


Recommend Club Structure and Status moves to Incorporated CASC.  This will ensure the club is in the correct position to take this forward as and when the opportunity arises.